People Management

Motivate staff: 3 tips

March 13, 2020
How can you encourage employees to finish a difficult task or keep up a sustained effort over a long time? Focus on what’s been accomplished, not simply what must still be done. Use past triumphs as the foundation for moving forward.

The language of your door

February 13, 2020
Q. As an executive, I’ve got a lot on my plate that needs my undivided attention. With that said, I also have an open-door policy in which I encourage employees or front-line managers to use. However, not every issue they bring to me rises to the level of urgency. How can I keep an open-door policy and at the same time discourage people barging in with trivial problems that could wait?

Deliver criticism the proper way

February 13, 2020
Whether you call it “negative feedback” or “constructive criticism,” telling employees that they’re doing something wrong is usually tricky. When you need to give a little criticism, follow these steps.

What does it take to end a quarrel?

February 13, 2020
Trust grows and over time becomes something we can count on from someone we can count on. And who wants to quarrel with that kind of person?

Haters gonna hate, askers gonna ask

January 15, 2020
Q. Lately, many of my employees have been asking me what I think are inconvenient questions. This is causing me to fire back with a snide remark, rather than a constructive answer. What can I do?

How to lead older employees

January 9, 2020
While generational tension is certainly not uncommon in the professional world, it’s not an insurmountable issue. In fact, it can be a leverageable asset. Here are some things to keep in mind when leading your elders.

Their last job isn’t the true picture

January 9, 2020
Recruiting and retention expert Mel Kleiman of Humetrics says that we make a mistake conducting job interviews when we immediately fall back on asking about the applicant’s current job or their last one.

Do your employees know how to make your business succeed?

January 9, 2020
Imagine if every employee in your business understood how and why your business works the way it does, could evaluate risk and its mitigation, and knew how to align their personal strategy to your company strategy.

Sound Bites: January ’20

January 2, 2020
Answering a question quickly is polite and decisive, right? Maybe … Sell your ideas … Whenever an update is released for your device, download and install it right away … Looking to hire someone who isn’t just another yes-man (or woman)?

Avoid 5 dangers of praising

December 20, 2019
Praise is one of the most popular forms of motivation. Surprisingly, however, it may not always work as intended. Here are five reasons to praise carefully or not at all, from the book Management of the Absurd, by Richard Farson.