Playbook of a basketball king

January 31, 2013
You don’t win, as a coach, more men’s college basketball games than any other without being a phenomenal leader. Duke University’s Mike Krzyzewski is a leader who happens to coach basketball. He knows that his efforts and successes are about others, not about himself …

Wooing a big client? Proceed in steps

January 29, 2013
Joseph Duveen, a prominent British art dealer in the early 20th century, wanted to win Andrew Mellon as a client. Rather than simply contact the American banker and invite him to buy art, Duveen preferred to proceed in carefully plotted steps.

Creating a simple but profitable profile on LinkedIn

January 23, 2013
For business people, LinkedIn is the most important social media tool. Think of it as a business mixer where everyone displays their critical information on their chests. Like everything else in life, I will form an opinion of you and how seriously you regard this tool in about five seconds. For now, focus on these most influential parts of your profile:

Pick the right time to insert pauses in presentations

January 23, 2013

Nervous public speakers tend to rush. They mumble, mutter and stammer their way through their speeches, yearning to finish and get off the stage. Yet there’s a simple technique that calms anxious presenters: the well-timed pause. Use these guidelines to decide when to apply one.

Make the most of new LinkedIn profile

January 16, 2013
LinkedIn updated its user profiles in late 2012, and you’ll want to update yours to make it look great in the new format, says technology columnist Debra Donston-Miller.

Sample Policy: Peformance Reviews

January 16, 2013
The following sample policies were excerpted from The Book of Company Policies, published by Business Management Daily. ©2013. Edit for your organization’s purposes.

Maximize your team’s ownership

January 11, 2013

You cannot demand that people own their jobs. Instead, you must provide a link between individual effort and a greater good. Here’s how to maximize your team’s ownership.

Banish these LinkedIn buzzwords

January 7, 2013
LinkedIn recently came out with a list of the most overused professional buzzwords. Comb through your LinkedIn page and résumé to see if they contain these words and phrases:

Add some pizazz to your personal LinkedIn profile

January 4, 2013
While some Web 2.0 tools are about socializing and idea swapping, LinkedIn is the only tool completely devoted to business networking. Nurturing your online presence could lead to job offers, new knowledge or a beefed-up reputation as an expert. Here’s how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

6 ways to network on LinkedIn

January 3, 2013
What’s the best way to get a job right now? Networking. What’s the best way to network? According to many experts, via The online service offers innovative ways to interact professionally with colleagues and build your web of contacts and connections. Here are six ways LinkedIn can advance your career.