Craft compelling Instagram stories

May 1, 2019
To ensure your Instagram Stories are engaging your audience, follow this advice.

Think positive: Turnaround tactics for negative employees

April 26, 2019
Instead of trying to oust a negative employee, try these tips to identify the root cause behind the bad attitude, to see if there’s any chance of helping the employee stage a turnaround.

Ensure critical info is absorbed

April 25, 2019
When you have extremely important information to share with people, don’t just assume they will find your message as important as you do. Instead, set the stage to ensure they both hear and fully comprehend your message.

Address lack of follow-through

April 25, 2019
You provided an employee with what you thought were explicit instructions, but days later the employee hasn’t followed through. Here’s how to respond.

Detect when people are bored

April 25, 2019
When you are speaking to people, the last thing you want to do is bore them. Keeping them engaged may require you to course-correct mid-talk, but how do you know if they’re bored so you can? Look for these signs.

Give them money or awards?

April 18, 2019
When evaluating possible award systems for your team, consider these factors.

How to deliver bad news

April 11, 2019
Though you may not be a leader in a medical field, there are most assuredly lessons there for all leaders. It’s a necessary part of the job, and many cite it as the hardest part.

New rules for social media

April 7, 2019
Follow these rules to ensure your content is seen and shared.

What to say to worker who sees doom in everything

April 7, 2019
Trying to encourage your staff to do their best gets harder if one of them is always expecting the worst. Here’s how to approach these “Nervous Nellies.”

1-Minute Strategies: April ’19

March 20, 2019
Break good news early on … Suspend a snap judgment … Shine a spotlight on key points