Sound smarter in meetings

November 20, 2019
Take advantage of all that time you spend in meetings. Follow this advice to impress your boss, co-workers and even the CEO during his or her occasional drop-in.

Shape your people and shock your profits

November 20, 2019
It’s the lifeblood of every organization’s profitability. It also lies at the heart of motivated, dedicated and efficient teams. And with more than 10 billion search results on Google alone, it commands attention for various reasons: culture.

“Where are you from?”

November 20, 2019
What you should ask instead of “Where are you from?”

To tweet or not to tweet?

November 7, 2019
Q. What sort of advice do you give leaders about their personal use of social media?

Try this team celebration for size

October 31, 2019
At the next office party or year-end celebration, consider hosting what we call the “Anything Awards” to have silly fun while challenging people to be creative.

So much passive-aggressive behavior!

October 31, 2019
In our professional environments, it’s not always possible or acceptable to express natural emotions like anger or resentment. Here are some ways of dealing with a passive-aggressive colleague.

A MAP to better listening

October 23, 2019
Most people do a lousy job of listening. As a result, communication breaks down and misunderstandings and confusion occur. Avoid all that drama and become an outstanding listener using the “MAP” process.

Win first impressions in business with your social media headshot

October 23, 2019
With 70% of hiring managers—and nearly half of B2B buyers—visiting social media profiles, it’s important to watch how you present yourself online.

It’s OK to lose The Battle of 4:00

October 10, 2019
Q. I can sense my staff fading slightly toward the very end of the day. Their productivity flags starting at 4:00. How do I counter this?

5 tips make deadlines mean something

October 10, 2019
There are reasons why deadlines are difficult to hold, keep and enforce. By taking a look at some positive approaches, we can better use them to accomplish our goals.