Scaling civility as your business grows

February 9, 2022
One of the most critical steps is to launch a startup with a recognition of the need for a code of conduct specifying how the startup’s members will interact with each other, with customers, with suppliers. Some startups call it their “rules”; others identify it as their value statement. I call it a framework for civility.

“When it’s grim, be the Grim Reaper and go get it”

February 9, 2022
Who says you can’t get a little dark in your pep talk when there’s a lot to lose?

3 rules of phone negotiation

February 9, 2022
Although it’s often better to negotiate face-to-face, sometimes you have to use the phone. Because you can’t read a person’s body language, your voice plays a greater role. Follow these guidelines to conduct effective phone negotiations.

Stop giving away so much!

February 9, 2022
A common but sloppy habit of weak negotiators is their tendency to compromise carelessly. Even though give-and-take is a necessary part of hashing out a deal, you don’t want to give away too much.

Learn to have great self-awareness

February 9, 2022
Most people think that the best negotiators are great students of human nature. While that’s often true, there’s an even more important element: You need a high degree of self-awareness to negotiate well.

Negotiation Quick Takes: March ’22

February 9, 2022
Don’t celebrate a negotiating victory too soon … We tend to believe that disputes are usually misunderstandings … Even unsigned agreements may be binding

4 ways to get people to donate

February 2, 2022
A recent episode of Slate’s “How To!” podcast featuring author Maria Konnikova offered tips to summon donations.

Avoid a role in the ‘drama triangle’

January 12, 2022
We’re all players in the drama triangle occasionally. Where the problem lies is when you get stuck in it and can’t move on.

‘If I let them talk to me instead, they’d buy anything’

January 12, 2022
Listening is arguably the best tool in your shed when it comes to negotiations. But what if you dared to take it to the next level? Some advice from Ed Brodow’s book Negotiation Boot Camp suggests we check our egos at the door and strategically clam up.

Negotiate cautiously with the unwanted

January 12, 2022
Just because your workplace is private property doesn’t mean it’s not essentially a public place. So be careful that asking someone to leave can’t be construed as a civil rights violation.