Let managers fix their own problems

March 22, 2015

Even after becoming CEO of SAP, the world’s largest software firm, Bill McDer­­mott never stopped learning. He kept searching for ways to enhance his leadership.

CEO offers ultimate perk: vacation cash

March 19, 2015
Many organizations give employees a specified number of annual paid days off—perhaps 10 or 15—in addition to a handful of federal holidays. Bart Lorang felt that wasn’t enough.

How to win? ‘One-and-done’

March 18, 2015

Asked how to prepare for a football playoff, coach Craig Bohl recommends adopting a mindset he calls “one-and-done.” Bohl won his third consecutive FCS (NCAA’s Football Championship Subdivision) national title when his North Dakota State team won its division in 2013. That makes Bohl, now the coach at Wyoming, college football’s leading expert on playoffs.

Why IBM’s CEO thinks in threes

March 9, 2015
If you run a company with 431,000 employees in 170 countries, you need to simplify your message. Virginia Rometty, IBM’s ninth CEO in its 104-year history, knows how to communicate in bite-size nuggets to drive home her point.

Write a personal note to spur action

February 27, 2015
When Guillermo del Toro wanted to direct his first major motion picture, he knew which actor he wanted as his star. But it took some convincing to get his way.

Turn your team into strategic thinkers

February 24, 2015
To think strategically, you need to pose the right questions. Mobilizing your team to come up with the right answers turns everyone into strategic thinkers.

Motivate staff using ‘gamification’

February 18, 2015
To maximize games, involve em­­ployees in design and implementation. Staffers are more apt to embrace the game if they play a role in creating it.

Set a high bar for your next deal

February 17, 2015

Like many CEOs, Dan Quiggle also raised funds for his favorite nonprofit organizations. He recalls asking a billionaire for a hefty donation to a particular charity. Quiggle, co-founder and CEO of America’s Choice Title Co., made his pitch with care. He began by thanking the billionaire for his support …

Mind your manners in group texting

February 13, 2015

If you and your colleagues use group texting, consider adding these rules to your social media policy.

Confront fear to forge better results

February 9, 2015

As a corporate executive, Jackie Barretta led many technology teams. Some of those employees feared for their jobs. In one team meeting, Barretta entered the room a few minutes early. Anxiety engulfed the group …