Want unity? Plug the generational gap

January 7, 2017
In a diverse workplace, you may make repeated attempts to get four generations of employees to work together seamlessly. Good luck with that.

Responding to an ultimatum

January 4, 2017
Q: A counterpart recently made a “take it or leave it” offer during our negotiation. I wasn’t ready to accept the offer, but I didn’t want to walk away, either. Any advice on how to respond?

Stand out with a new meeting strategy

December 23, 2016
Timing is everything when you’re trying to persuade someone.

What to do with a chronic latecomer

December 22, 2016
Q: I’ve got a perfectly good employee with one annoying habit: He’s chronically late for meetings. I’ve repeatedly asked him why. I get excuses, not answers. I’ve started to disinvite him to meetings, but then he complains that he’s left out. Help!

A tiny card’s game-changing message

December 20, 2016
When Bill Swanson became CEO of Raytheon in 2003, he instituted a simple rule. He required all 65,000 employees to carry a laminated card with them at all times.

Reframe stressful talks in fun terms

December 20, 2016
Don’t let problem-solving discussions dissolve into gripe sessions.

Know just when to demote

December 19, 2016
By spending too much time trying to overhaul his employee’s personality, John Ryan made matters worse.

Avoid 5 mistakes when terminating

December 18, 2016
Many legal claims are born solely out of employees’ anger, not a solid legal case. One wrong move, especially during the firing process, can leave employees feeling hurt or humiliated—and running for the courthouse. Here are five common blunders to avoid when terminating an employee.

Badmouth colleagues at your own peril

December 15, 2016
Q: A top executive here told me, “Don’t trust Jim. Everyone knows he’s a liar.” Jim is one of our senior executives. I would never trust Jim; I figured that out years ago! I’m more concerned that the executive felt a need to badmouth Jim, his peer. Am I wrong to think less of the guy who said this?

Moms are the best (workers)

December 14, 2016
Kids might be the ultimate efficiency hack, according to a working paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.