Don’t write until it’s right

July 9, 2020
Normally, getting ideas into writing ASAP is an effective way to catch their essence and keep a “running score” of progress. However, in negotiating there’s often something to be said for holding off on sharing documentation.

When negotiating, put some thought into the venue

March 11, 2020
Deciding where negotiations will take place shouldn’t be an afterthought. Location can make a significant difference in reaching your objectives for both you and your counterpart. Law professor Jeswald Salacuse recommends checking out the advantages and disadvantages of the four most common negotiating locations.

Don’t sign until deal is really done

February 13, 2020
Signed documents assenting to various points in the bargaining process can become binding agreements if you don’t take care. To protect yourself, keep the following tips in mind.

Are you mirroring well enough?

July 11, 2019
In his book The Science of Selling, David Hoffeld describes four subconscious behaviors to mirror in your efforts to win over a buyer.

The dangers of getting locked in

August 9, 2018
Deals loading many benefits into the future may get very wispy indeed as that future arrives.

The case for backing down

August 9, 2018
Q. I have pushed pretty hard in salary negotiations for a job with a new company. In my last discussion with the HR person, he presented some convincing evidence suggesting that the high figure I tried to justify is off the mark. Given how hard I pushed for the higher salary, I am hesitant to back down at this point. Wouldn’t doing so make me look bad?

Win more negotiations

July 25, 2018
To come out on top during your next big negotiation, avoid this big deal crusher.

Top 5 do’s and don’ts of negotiating

July 12, 2018
10 tips for a successful negotiation.

Steve Jobs v. George Lucas: The standoff

June 14, 2018
In late 1985, Steve Jobs had launched NeXT and wanted to buy a unit of Lucasfilm that made special-effects software for the movies. But finalizing a deal meant haggling with George Lucas, a notoriously hard negotiator.

Avoid these negotiation tactics

March 20, 2018
To come out on top in negotiations, don’t resort to bad behavior to win. Avoid the following.