Negotiation Quick Takes: March ’22

February 9, 2022
Don’t celebrate a negotiating victory too soon … We tend to believe that disputes are usually misunderstandings … Even unsigned agreements may be binding

4 ways to get people to donate

February 2, 2022
A recent episode of Slate’s “How To!” podcast featuring author Maria Konnikova offered tips to summon donations.

‘If I let them talk to me instead, they’d buy anything’

January 12, 2022
Listening is arguably the best tool in your shed when it comes to negotiations. But what if you dared to take it to the next level? Some advice from Ed Brodow’s book Negotiation Boot Camp suggests we check our egos at the door and strategically clam up.

Negotiate cautiously with the unwanted

January 12, 2022
Just because your workplace is private property doesn’t mean it’s not essentially a public place. So be careful that asking someone to leave can’t be construed as a civil rights violation.

Phrase your questions with precision

December 8, 2021
While questions almost always work to your advantage, watch your phrasing. Pay attention to the first word you use to launch your question.

In dealmaking, transparency beats surprise

December 8, 2021
Alexandra Carter shakes loose some of our most ingrained ideas of how to approach negotiation in her book Ask for More. Here’s some of her wisdom from the section titled “What’s the Best Way to Steer?”

Are you negotiating, or just haggling?

December 8, 2021
It’s likely that you’ve bargained with, say, a market vendor about the cost of an item. Eventually, you agreed to a price. “You’re probably thinking you successfully negotiated, but you didn’t. Instead, you haggled,” writes Darren A. Smith of Forbes. “As a leader, you must be able to both haggle and negotiate—and know when one approach is needed over the other.”

Negotiation Quick Takes: January ’22

December 8, 2021
What not to do when employees complain … Give all members a voice

In negotiations, downplay your power

November 10, 2021
By deferring to others, the shrewd tactician can extract maximum concessions without having to make rash decisions or succumb to pressure.

Here’s a way to test your team’s negotiation skills

November 10, 2021
This October, sixteen teams of University of Manitoba Faculty of Law students competed in the sixteenth annual Robson Hall Negotiation Competition. These third-year students were selected for having excelled in the Legal Negotiation course they took in their second year of law school.