Put oomph back into workplace awards

September 15, 2011

Every year, employees at SurePayroll anx­­iously await for leadership to an­­nounce who won the Best New Mistake award. Yes, the biggest mistake. Is your awards program a creaky tra­­dition or an injection of excitement? In­­vigorate your thinking with this advice:

Put feedback loops to work

August 24, 2011
Through a stream of information and re­­wards, feedback loops—already common in executive coaching and athletics—can turn around bad habits and redirect people toward good ones.

Praise in a way that counts

August 9, 2011
Don’t wait until it’s time for a formal review to dish out the positive words. Six guidelines for effective praising, from Bob Nelson, author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees:

Not coaching staff? Stop the excuses

June 24, 2011

Executive coach John Baldoni hears a lot of excuses for why managers don’t coach employees. Yet evidence shows again and again that companies with the strongest leadership cultures develop people at all levels. What are the most common excuses?

Turn passion into action

June 7, 2011
North American Tool CEO Curt Lansbery couldn’t understand why his employees weren’t maxing out their 401(k) contributions, even though the company kicked in. They were throwing away free money. Here’s how he prompted them to take action:

Focus on the ‘what’

June 6, 2011
George Patton became a superb battlefield commander by focusing on what, not how. Patton viewed planning as only 5% of a leader’s job. The rest, he said, consisted of monitoring and executing the plan through your officers.

It takes a village … and desire

June 3, 2011
The kids on the small floating village of Koh Panyee in Thailand had a problem: Though their village held not an inch of soil, they were determined to start a soccer team and play the game they spent hours watching on television … Now the Panyee Football Club is regarded as one of South­ern Thailand’s best soccer teams.

The science of achieving goals

May 24, 2011
People set goals all the time, but the ma­jority end up unfulfilled or abandoned. Mark Murphy, founder and CEO of Leadership IQ and author of Hard Goals, tells us about the secret to getting from where you are to where you want to be.

The Coach K way

May 12, 2011
Inspiring leaders take the time to single out talented people and develop them. One good way: Mike Krzyzewski, Duke’s legendary basketball coach, invites each new player to lunch one on one. There, he asks each player to describe his personal goals for both on and off the court. “Coach K,” as he is called, also inspires those already at the top of their game.

Harvey Mackay’s creativity killers

May 9, 2011
Harvey Mackay, author of the bestseller Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, says executives should listen to every idea that comes up through the ranks. The best way to keep ideas flowing is to avoid shutting people down with these creativity-killing statements: