Best-Practices Leadership

Tap bright outsiders for fresh ideas

August 27, 2016

In the cosmetics business, the push for new products never ends. Consumers clamor for breakthroughs. As CEO of Sephora Americas, Calvin McDonald has made innovation a top priority. In March 2016, he launched the Sephora Innovation Lab. Based in San Francisco, the lab enables the French-owned cosmetics chain to conduct research with the help of outside partners. The goal is to create a space where employees can collaborate and test ideas without fear of failure.

How high is your digital IQ?

August 23, 2016
Developing and executing a digital strategy is too important to delegate or outsource. According to the 2015 Global Digital IQ survey, three-quarters of chief executive officers—76%—now believe they champion digital technologies. As recently as 2013, only 57% of executives surveyed said their CEO championed digital, before rising to 73% last year.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 916

August 17, 2016
Tell your people first; make lemonade; be caring and curious.

4 tips to ‘widen the keyhole’

July 28, 2016
Smart leaders know their biases. Rather than make decisions that reinforce their own preferences or worldview, they consider multiple perspectives with an open mind.

Pinterest wants diversity–badly

July 18, 2016
Like many CEOs, Ben Silbermann wants to increase the diversity of his workforce. But rather than take a half-hearted stab at attracting a wider range of job candidates, he has made a long-term commitment to results.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 716

July 7, 2016
Handling anger; move past passion; a culture of change

Is your leadership style NFL or NBA?

June 30, 2016
Sports commentator Mike Pesca, in considering how Adam Silver of the National Basketball Association and Roger Goodell of the National Football League run their leagues, notes that Silver believes in due process for players.

Shower your tech-savvy hires with perks

June 18, 2016
Like most CEOs, Justin Wetherill understands that you get what you measure. But he also knows that some aspects of the business, such as hiring and motivating people, cannot be measured with precision.

Got diversity? Now focus on inclusion

May 30, 2016
As companies expand internationally, leaders must increase their cross-cultural awareness.

Seeking counsel pays off for new CEO

May 30, 2016
When Roger Crandall became CEO of MassMutual in early 2010, he had spent 22 years at the life insurance company impressing his managers.