Best-Practices Leadership

Side-hustling his way to $1 million

September 14, 2022
When Levi Newman originally joined Fiverr in 2014, he started with small jobs as low as $5, taking in around $100 in a few days. Now, having written more than 15,000 unique descriptions generating more than $1.2 million in revenue to date for clients including Disney, he has taken the side hustle full-time

Tame your disorganized, over-collaborated Word documents

September 7, 2022
When too many collaborators create a disorganized report, get it back under control using styles.

This micro-startup spotted what others missed

August 10, 2022
It all began when teenager Jaime Ibanez of Fort Worth, Texas bought Lays chips in bulk and sold them to his friends at a profit in South Hills High School.

It looked bad for these 3 dreamers. But then…

August 10, 2022
Need a little inspiration after that last project flop? Read on.

The lesson of Amazon’s ‘flywheel’

July 13, 2022
“Amazon’s retail flywheel is famous,” writes John Rossman in the book Think Like Amazon. “Yet what is it exactly?”

In their own words: Lessons from the SHRM22 conference

June 24, 2022
Here is some bite-sized advice from last month’s Society for Human Resource Management annual conference in New Orleans.

Let employees go out how they want

June 8, 2022
Like most rituals, the office farewell party is, in theory, a nice idea. But honestly… who has ever enjoyed theirs?

Mike Nichols found greatness in diversity

June 8, 2022
Sometimes, finding the right team requires a change of environment.

Let this career pivot story inspire you

June 8, 2022
For more than ten years, Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg thrived with Brick Wall, an entertainment management firm guiding the careers of clients like pop icon John Mayer. Then, around 2002, the problems began.

6 password wrangling services

June 2, 2022
Whether you haven’t yet used a password manager or want to try a different one, this quick list of some of the most reputable password managers might come in handy.