Management Practices

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

March 9, 2022
A mission statement should distill all that you want your business to accomplish, deliver and contribute to the world. It should also be a framework that can stay solid and consistent while allowing for adaptation, growth and change. Easy, right?

3 steps toward pay transparency for new hires

February 17, 2022
More employers seeking a recruiting advantage in today’s tight labor market have started advertising exactly how much they’re paying. It might be time for you to try that bold tactic, too.

Could your business introduce a 4-day workweek?

December 8, 2021
Hybrid working is here to stay, and when the pandemic finally ends, people will want more, not less, freedom. So, what could the next big change to hit the workplace be? Enter the four-day workweek.

Should you include a noncompete in their offer?

December 8, 2021
Teacher and former lawyer Lauren Aydinliyim researches noncompetes. According to her, it’s a matter of employers just following along with what they see other companies doing. In other words, they include it because it’s, well, there.

5 myths customer service leaders must dispel

November 10, 2021
To better understand what customers want today and how they behave during customer service interactions, we surveyed more than 4,000 customers around the world, asking them how they interact with and feel about various customer service channels. Our research revealed five myths about customer behavior to which customer service and support leaders are clinging.

Embroiled in a “Knives Out” situation

September 8, 2021
Q. The VP of our company was just let go, opening the door for my colleague to run roughshod over a key division, making sweeping changes and instigating “performance-based” layoffs. I can tell he’s delighting in the chance to turn the tables on people he perceives to be rivals. What can I say to this person to get him to exert some self-control before he crushes employee morale even as profits improve?

The quitting epidemic is real

July 23, 2021
Over 25 percent of the workforce is planning to leave their current employer as the pandemic recedes, a survey says. What’s driving this mass exodus? A lack of gratitude from management, says Michele Bailey, author of The Currency of Gratitude: Turning Small Gestures into Powerful Business Results.

Eliminate waste in every form

May 12, 2021
Pro athletes know that just being good, even excellent, isn’t enough. To stay on top, they have to keep getting better. As a leader, you’ve got to do the same. One approach is to continually eliminate waste of all kinds. Train your employees to watch out for these main sources of waste in any organization.

Keep that startup feeling alive

December 9, 2020
Nothing beats the excitement of a startup, but maintaining the momentum over the long haul can be difficult. Here are some tips for keeping the startup atmosphere alive in your workplace.

Plan for a new manager’s role

November 11, 2020
The creation of a new management post is a positive sign—your organization is growing and hiring more people. So you need to design the position with care in order to sustain your progress.