A madness to their Method

February 12, 2010

The two 27-year-olds who’ve built Method into the world’s largest green cleaning brand have had to endure plenty of setbacks in short order. So far, they’ve muddled through. Eric Ryan, the marketing guy, and Adam Lowry, the chemical engineer, ginned up their first cleaning sprays early in 2001 from ingredients such as coconut oil and corn. Almost immediately, they ran into flak:

How to generate game-changing ideas

January 11, 2010

Anyone can learn to innovate. That’s what researchers from Harvard Business School, Insead and Brigham Young University say, after a six-year study. They’ve identified the five secrets to being a great innovator: associating, questioning, observing, experimenting and networking.

Ask ‘who’ and ‘what’ to identify your market

January 11, 2010

Too often, customers never see products and services until they’re in stores. That’s too late. Use “who” and “what” questions to identify who your market is and what it needs.

5 ways to hack a market

November 1, 2006
Cut through the fog of innovation by following these five principles to bring new products and services to market.