From crayons to water guns: Liven up boring meetings

February 12, 2010

In the downturn, productivity is everything. Small business owners are turning to creative solutions for making conference-room time productive. Here are three examples from “Boring Meetings? Get Out the Water Guns”:

You need more than a gut reaction

February 12, 2010

Leaders sometimes go with their gut when making a decision. Just make sure yours isn’t the only gut being consulted, suggests Reid Carr, president of Red Door Interactive. Here’s one tactic for pulling in the intuition of others:

Never fly solo; use a wingman

January 11, 2010

We all have our blind spots. For a pilot, that spot is the six o’clock position, and it’s the job of a wingman to “check six,” or keep an eye on a pilot’s vulnerable spot. Stretch the metaphor to the workplace, and it’s the leader who could use a wingman, says Air Force fighter pilot Rob “Waldo” Waldman.

8 guidelines for new ventures

June 1, 2006
8 things to keep in mind.