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Each monthly Best of the Blogs column in Executive Leadership pulls together the most thought-provoking insights from your favorite leadership blogs.

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The 4 F’s of feedback

September 13, 2017
Try these four steps from the Leader Communicator blog.

What millionaires have in common

July 13, 2017
Here are four things, backed by a survey of 700 millionaires, that all leaders could use a little more of.

Don’t smooth things over

June 22, 2017
Smart leaders don’t patch up problems. They never pretend that everything is hunky-dory and that intractable issues will somehow disappear.

Don’t psych yourself out

June 19, 2017
Just as some coaches can waste the pregame talking only about an opposing team’s strengths instead of its weaknesses, you can sabotage yourself or your team into losing.

Don’t ask misguided questions

June 9, 2017
Maybe you’ve been advised to ask “Why?” or “Why not?” to get to the bottom of problems. That’s not such a good idea.

Avoid rookie mistakes

April 29, 2017
When Oliver Ekman-Larsson arrived in America to play for the Arizona Coyotes, he didn’t realize that the sun is a lot stronger in Arizona than it is in Sweden.

Purr-fect purr-formance

April 19, 2017
In conducting your cats’ annual performance reviews, follow these guidelines.

Don’t act humble. BE humble

April 6, 2017
Since the great recession deflated a lot of big egos, the kind of humility embodied in “servant leadership” has made gains.

Check out this blog of blogs

January 12, 2017
How about a directory of leadership blogs?

It’s not about being right

January 12, 2017
Instead of explaining your idea over and over, the key is to quit explaining and start listening.
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