Help employees cope with the new stress of working from home

April 28, 2020
With everything company leaders are facing, they might not have given much thought to the emotional well-being of their employees. That’s a big mistake, in both the short and long terms. Here are some tips from Stacey Engle of Fierce Conversations to help line managers and HR pros lessen the stress that remote employees may be feeling.

Gain some presence in your industry

April 9, 2020
Establishing yourself as an expert offers your organization great marketing potential. Follow this advice to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

She’s great! When should I tell her?

April 9, 2020
Q. One of my workers is a high-potential employee whom I am seriously considering grooming for a VP job. My question is, should I inform her now, or wait until she proves herself a bit more? If I tell her now then I probably owe it to her; if I wait, I’m liable to lose her to another employer. Your thoughts?

‘Pedal’ the truth

April 9, 2020
Q. A few employees asked me if the company would “invest” in under-desk exercise cycles. They cost about $170 apiece. If we buy these for several employees, it would likely open a floodgate of more workers wanting them, setting us back thousands of dollars. Things like these are faddish and I could honestly see them going unused. Should I get them for what amounts to a short-term morale boost?

Nothing grabs attention like a good story

April 9, 2020
Telling stories or anecdotes is a great way to illustrate important ideas or to inspire your group to recognize opportunities. But what makes a good story?

Assess your leadership

April 9, 2020
Are you a good leader? The more of these traits that apply to you, the better you’re performing (just be honest).

Perspective is everything

April 9, 2020
A group of managers who had never taken the time to understand the technical aspects of their company’s product line took a tour of the plant. They were making obnoxious jokes about the manufacturing mentality until their guide decided to challenge them.

Lessons from Lewis and Clark

April 9, 2020
You can learn a lot about how to work with your fellow managers from one of the most famous leadership teams in American history, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

Prepare for that moment at the mic

April 9, 2020
If you have a big presentation coming up, don’t let the stress of it keep you from doing your very best. Follow these tips to prepare so you shine on the big day.

To lead, change your attitude

April 9, 2020
While technique is important to successful leadership, your attitude is just as important. Organizational expert Robert E. Quinn suggests several ways of approaching your obligations as a leader.