Strategic Leadership

A key word for problem solvers: Elimination

June 9, 2021
Author Shamini Bundell cites a new study from University of Virginia researchers that explains why people rarely try to solve problems by taking things away, and that our instinct is to add elements instead, even when this repeatedly doesn’t work.

The road is rough for the power couple

June 9, 2021
Couples trying to balance two careers can often have an especially complex dance to choreograph.

The WeWork movie: What’s the real lesson?

June 9, 2021
“WeWork: or The Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn” fits nicely alongside other recent management disaster documentaries like “The Inventor” and the two Fyre Festival exposés that were offered on streaming last year. What starts out one way—a bold mission led by a single visionary and hyperfocused charisma machine—ends up in a decidedly other way, with a cascade of fated events.

5 tests to see if your influence is fading

June 9, 2021
Author Stacey Hanke has compiled several simple tests for you to keep in mind when evaluating the pull you have with others, especially in situations where you have a live, captive audience.

Leverage controversy in decision making

June 2, 2021
If a decision is important and risky, it should be controversial. Every organization needs a healthy atmosphere for dissent if it wants innovation and commitment.

Strategic thinking: Get in the mindset

May 12, 2021
Leaders set strategies for their teams and organizations, but strategic thinking takes time, energy, and inspiration. To do it efficiently, try these techniques.

Get a handle on experts’ bills

May 12, 2021
You’ve found a reputable attorney, accounting firm, or consultant, one that has the skills you need and promises good service. Now it’s time to think about negotiating ways to make it easier to control expenses and pay the bills as they come in. We recommend several ways to keep experts’ bills in hand.

Rethink your attitude toward managing risk

May 12, 2021
Are you managing risk—or is risk managing you? You and your organization won’t get ahead by playing it safe all the time. Ask these questions to gauge your attitude toward risk.

When to share sensitive data

May 12, 2021
Transparency in an organization is good, but not everything is meant to be shared with employees or the public. When deciding whether to put information out where everyone can see it, consider these issues.

Don’t mistake kindness for leadership

May 12, 2021
Managers gain power and influence by treating their employees with kindness and respect. Some managers, though, can’t tell the difference between kindness and accountability. You can’t abdicate the needs of leadership, however, so stay clear of these traits that can steer you astray.