Got ‘Glassdoored’? How to respond to negative online reviews

December 20, 2021
It’s tempting to quickly react, make it personal or try to get even with the anonymous poster (typically a former employee). But the best move is to manage the issue calmly. Here are three tips.

Words of comfort for the late bloomer

December 8, 2021
Many of our best and most professionally valued characteristics improve as we grow older. Here are some big strengths of late bloomers to consider when you—or someone you’re thinking of hiring—didn’t necessarily cram all the glory days into the ages between 21 and 35.

Indulge the futurist in you

December 8, 2021
Ari Wallach, founder and CEO of Synthesis Corp and self-declared futurist, believes that what he calls short-termism—the inability to look much beyond our present moment—is killing us.

Stop fearing all those yapping critics

December 8, 2021
On the subject of our excuses, fears and the negative things we tell ourselves, here are some liberating truths.

Why it’s so hard for businesses to adapt

December 8, 2021
“We’ve been taught to believe that our capacity for imagination is reserved for artists and inventors,” writes Beth Comstock in her book Imagine It Forward. “The science on this is clear, however: Imaginative thinking is a universal human talent, an evolutionary gift handed down to us that has made us who we are, the undisputed champions of adaptation.”

Change is hard because it should be

December 8, 2021
Change is difficult because it involves reprogramming our brains, writes Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Rip up your resentments list today: Here’s why

December 8, 2021
Gut reactions don’t originate from our rational mind, but rather our fight-or-flight instincts. Once we’ve begun to form an opinion about an event, that’s when choice largely (but perhaps not entirely) dictates what happens next.

Could your business introduce a 4-day workweek?

December 8, 2021
Hybrid working is here to stay, and when the pandemic finally ends, people will want more, not less, freedom. So, what could the next big change to hit the workplace be? Enter the four-day workweek.

Were they leadership fads… or real wisdom?

December 8, 2021
It’s easy to look back on certain business buzzwords and mock them from a distance of years. But just because a trend is no longer embraced doesn’t mean it didn’t have real worth, and perhaps still does today.

4 ways to leverage your competition

December 8, 2021
So the competition is nipping at your heels. How do you slyly turn the tables? Author David Finkel describes a brainstorming session that came about during a coaching event. One business owner asked how to maintain her company’s lead in the market with the competition closing in. Finkel shares the best ideas the group came up with to help her company grow faster.