Negotiation Quick Takes: January ’22

December 8, 2021
What not to do when employees complain … Give all members a voice

The 6 triggers that make people stop listening

December 8, 2021
Workplace culture expert Tracy Butz writes that there are preparations we must make before entering into any difficult conversation. Avoid these six common conflict triggers—land mines that, if set off, simply make people stop listening to you.

Listen to your anxiety

December 2, 2021
If you feel yourself slipping into “anxious time,” ask yourself these questions.

Be true to your product, your message and yourself

November 10, 2021
To avoid getting caught, liars must remember both their lie and to whom they told it. Honesty, however, eliminates this burden.

In negotiations, downplay your power

November 10, 2021
By deferring to others, the shrewd tactician can extract maximum concessions without having to make rash decisions or succumb to pressure.

6 ways to ruin your political network

November 10, 2021
Avoid these 6 obstacles to sustaining alliances.

Here’s a way to test your team’s negotiation skills

November 10, 2021
This October, sixteen teams of University of Manitoba Faculty of Law students competed in the sixteenth annual Robson Hall Negotiation Competition. These third-year students were selected for having excelled in the Legal Negotiation course they took in their second year of law school.

Deal diplomatically with an opponent—and get even if you have to

November 10, 2021
When a colleague steals one of your big ideas, spreads rumors to undermine your credibility, bad‑mouths your managerial skills to your subordinates or engages in some other form of back-stabbing, the following strategies will help you reassert your position of power.

When their pay is on the line, do women and men negotiate differently?

November 10, 2021
A team of USC researchers recently set out to find whether women performed differently than men during a salary negotiation. Their results suggested that neither gender is getting it done to the best of their ability, and if women perform worse in a salary negotiation, it is likely due to systemic, implicit biases among recruiters.

Do I dare get crazy with my life?

November 10, 2021
Q: At 45, I’m considering leaving the corporate life for a year, maybe even two, to travel abroad with my mind completely clear, just to learn and expand my horizons. In your experience, is it ever self-sabotaging to make a leap like this in the hopes my future will take shape afterward?