Think your way through an IRS audit

May 11, 2022
Most times an audit is relatively painless, a cut-and-dried look into your records. But there may be tricky moments in which your strategy is to reveal information, or not reveal information, in a way that benefits you the most. Keep these tips in mind.

Why your opening move is so powerful

May 11, 2022
“Many individuals have told me that understanding reciprocity dramatically changed their behavior,” writes Anna Maravelas in the book Creating a Drama-Free Workplace. “For the first time they understood why making negative assumptions almost guarantees negative outcomes.”

Try this “home negotiation test”

May 11, 2022
Keep a coupon to an independent restaurant a week past its expiration date. Then go in and try to use it.

When an error works in your favor

May 11, 2022
In negotiating with a journalist over his fee for writing an article, a reader recently discovered by accident a rather effective tool for getting him to lower his expectations.

Ageism and communication technology

May 4, 2022
While a good communications policy can help set boundaries and give guidance, a little examination of our own biases toward certain types of electronic communications can go a long way to giving value and being seen as valuable in our careers.

2 PowerPoint video tips from an expert

May 4, 2022
Can you have a video of the speaker on a slide? … I want to use a video in my presentation but record my own audio. Is that possible?

9 apps to give you serenity

May 4, 2022
With more self-care apps available than ever before, it’s hardly an act of self-care to try and sort through them all! But here are some suggestions to start you on the right path in 2022.

Master 3 tricky interview questions

May 4, 2022
Though each job interview will be unique, there are a few questions you can usually expect. It’s best to put some preparation into how you’ll address these topics.

How to start a conversation

May 4, 2022
We don’t often hear tips on how specifically to start conversations. Host Johny K of the podcast “Communication Charm” offers some potent and practical advice.

The gamble of hiring bonuses

April 22, 2022
The last two years have seen dramatic shifts in the job market, many of which will cause ripple effects for the foreseeable future. One of the most pronounced markers has been the surge in signing bonuses offered by employers to potential candidates. Here are some important questions to consider about this practice.