Look forward, but look around as well

February 13, 2020
A passenger on a train that had stopped to refuel looked out the window at the beautiful summer countryside. Suddenly a freight train pulled up on the adjoining track, blocking the view.

Meet the press: When the media comes calling

February 13, 2020
Unfavorable media coverage for your firm is not always avoidable, but avoiding it is always worth the effort. Check the following list of warnings before you talk with another media reporter.

Relocating? Address these issues

February 13, 2020
Rent isn’t the only factor to consider when you move your business to a new location. As you’re scouting out potential addresses, keep these questions in mind.

What does it take to end a quarrel?

February 13, 2020
Trust grows and over time becomes something we can count on from someone we can count on. And who wants to quarrel with that kind of person?

Avoid morale-sapping errors

February 13, 2020
Morale and motivation are difficult enough to sustain when your business is humming along. Losing sight of how employees are feeling can undercut all your efforts to survive. Avoid any and all of these common morale-busters.

Attack your fears head-on

February 13, 2020
Given all the anxieties that trouble people at work these days, any way you can reduce your own sense of limitations can pay off for you and those who count on you. Here’s an exercise that can help you get started.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 0320

February 13, 2020
The pros of procrastination … How much eye contact is enough? … Avoid this conversation killer

Haters gonna hate, askers gonna ask

January 15, 2020
Q. Lately, many of my employees have been asking me what I think are inconvenient questions. This is causing me to fire back with a snide remark, rather than a constructive answer. What can I do?

If you can’t say something nice …

January 9, 2020
Q. I’ve been watching my boss botch move after move for a few years now, and it’s tough not to get swept up in the talk at work about his errors. I’d like to play devil’s advocate, but what argument can I make in defense of such a poor leader?

Filler up!

January 9, 2020
We all use filler words, or vocal disfluencies, in our daily speech. The junk food of the applied linguistics world, they come off as sloppy and faltering. We should try to banish them, especially from our professional speech as much as possible. Right? Well, not necessarily.