Leadership Development

‘What do you do’? Respond strategically

January 12, 2022
It’s one of the most asked questions in small talk: What do you do? Still, few of us are prepared to answer that question beyond the merely required data: the company we work for and the title of our position. Reframe the question to make for more compelling answers. Here are a few ideas.

Argument tactics: How to undercut your opponent’s evidence

January 12, 2022
Let’s say you butt heads with a savvy negotiator who floods you with data that works against you. Don’t buckle under the weight of raw information. Here are some techniques to salvage your position in the face of overwhelming evidence against you.

Words of comfort for the late bloomer

December 8, 2021
Many of our best and most professionally valued characteristics improve as we grow older. Here are some big strengths of late bloomers to consider when you—or someone you’re thinking of hiring—didn’t necessarily cram all the glory days into the ages between 21 and 35.

Stop fearing all those yapping critics

December 8, 2021
On the subject of our excuses, fears and the negative things we tell ourselves, here are some liberating truths.

Rip up your resentments list today: Here’s why

December 8, 2021
Gut reactions don’t originate from our rational mind, but rather our fight-or-flight instincts. Once we’ve begun to form an opinion about an event, that’s when choice largely (but perhaps not entirely) dictates what happens next.

How to decline a promotion

December 8, 2021
The expectation is that if you have a job, your goal should be to climb the ladder and move into a leadership position. But what if you love your job so much that you want to stay exactly where you are? Take this advice.

Listen to your anxiety

December 2, 2021
If you feel yourself slipping into “anxious time,” ask yourself these questions.

Be true to your product, your message and yourself

November 10, 2021
To avoid getting caught, liars must remember both their lie and to whom they told it. Honesty, however, eliminates this burden.

Deal diplomatically with an opponent—and get even if you have to

November 10, 2021
When a colleague steals one of your big ideas, spreads rumors to undermine your credibility, bad‑mouths your managerial skills to your subordinates or engages in some other form of back-stabbing, the following strategies will help you reassert your position of power.

Do I dare get crazy with my life?

November 10, 2021
Q: At 45, I’m considering leaving the corporate life for a year, maybe even two, to travel abroad with my mind completely clear, just to learn and expand my horizons. In your experience, is it ever self-sabotaging to make a leap like this in the hopes my future will take shape afterward?