Leadership Development

Exhibit humility, not weakness

July 4, 2017
Q. My boss told me I’m a weak manager—that I’m too humble, that I defer to others, dither rather than make quick, decisive decisions and I’m too eager to apologize. To me, that’s the kind of humility great leaders embody. Am I right?

Leadership Tips, Vol. 717

June 30, 2017
Leadership is about more than how you present yourself … Gender diversity not important to three-quarters of men … Get another chance? Try something new

Your priorities vs. appeasing higher-ups

June 22, 2017
Q: I keep getting grief from my board for not developing my managers, but there are only so many priorities that I can address at once. How can I satisfy the board without dropping the ball on some other top priority?

Slow down to speed up

June 5, 2017
“I couldn’t understand why folks weren’t rowing with me. I thought, ‘I gave them all the data. It’s clear I’m right.’”

Leadership Tips, Vol. 617

June 1, 2017
Don’t be a “Day 2” company … Lightning-fast articles … How huge is Instagram?

On character and competence

May 31, 2017
Becoming a boss for the first time has serious consequences for both the individual and the organization.

Jimmy Breslin defines hard work

May 25, 2017
“Work hard” is one of the cardinal rules of success. For what that means, listen to big-time columnist Jimmy Breslin.

Saving Kennedy

May 10, 2017
Bud Liebenow, who rescued John F. Kennedy and crew after their PT boat sank during WWII, never shrank from a challenge.

Why Judge Wapner mattered

May 9, 2017
Known for fairness and firmness, Joseph Wapner was TV’s first judge, star of “The People’s Court” from 1981 to 1993.

When people annoy you, rise above

May 4, 2017
The most enlightened leaders deal with problem personalities just like everyone else. But it’s the way they respond to difficult or unlikable people that sets them apart.