Leadership Development

Model great behavior now, not later

November 7, 2017
Want to earn a big promotion? Start acting like you’ve already received it.

Cast a wide net for allies

November 3, 2017
Career climbers hitch their wagon to a star, right? Not necessarily. While it’s smart to forge alliances with a handful of influential leaders across your organization, leaning too heavily on them can backfire.

Leaders know how to talk about their red lines

October 30, 2017
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Wield power from the ground up

October 27, 2017
Nothing stops you from developing your leadership skills, even if you have no one under you to lead. By exerting influence and making an impact, you can lead without an army of underlings reporting to you.

… You’re trying to be humorous

October 25, 2017
Properly used, humor is a valuable leadership tool. Here’s some advice when you want to inject a little fun.

Adopt a pregame ritual to excel

October 24, 2017
During the Olympics, athletes often engage in private rituals just before a race. Whether they’re repeating an uplifting mantra or visualizing victory, these pre-performance routines help them gain an edge. Follow their lead when facing any high-stakes challenge.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 1117

October 23, 2017
Advice from Antoine de St. Exupery … Stop overusing this word.

Jobs knew the perfect answer

October 3, 2017
Now that we live in an age of trolls, every leader needs to handle insults. It’s something Apple’s Steve Jobs demonstrated 20 years ago.

Boost your job satisfaction

September 27, 2017
If you want to be truly happy at work, let go of these three things.

Don’t listen to naysayers

September 20, 2017
Jeffrey Citron likes to work in disruptive technologies, and boy, did he ever pick a couple: securities and phones.