Leadership Development

Deal diplomatically with an opponent—and get even if you have to

November 10, 2021
When a colleague steals one of your big ideas, spreads rumors to undermine your credibility, bad‑mouths your managerial skills to your subordinates or engages in some other form of back-stabbing, the following strategies will help you reassert your position of power.

Do I dare get crazy with my life?

November 10, 2021
Q: At 45, I’m considering leaving the corporate life for a year, maybe even two, to travel abroad with my mind completely clear, just to learn and expand my horizons. In your experience, is it ever self-sabotaging to make a leap like this in the hopes my future will take shape afterward?

Practice your leadership skills in Meetups

November 10, 2021
Group activities via Meetup.com can sometimes be underwhelming. That’s not an indictment of the website itself, but rather those masquerading as “organizers” and “leaders” who use the typically laid-back, non-professional settings of meetups as an excuse to not demonstrate or develop any leadership skills whatsoever.

8 pieces of timeless advice

November 10, 2021
There’s no shortage of career advice out there. Listverse founder Jamie Frater assembled a list of some universally true pieces of success advice that will never go out of style. Here are the ones we most agree with.

What 5 movies taught me about life

November 10, 2021
When you leave the movie theater (or shut off the Netflix queue) feeling entertained, Hollywood smiles and pats itself on the back. Feeling inspired by films, however, has more to do with your individual interpretation. Here are five movies I’ve found particularly inspirational in both work and life.

Where to work outside the house

November 10, 2021
So you’re going a little stir crazy. Here are some realistic ideas for spots where you can work, practice social distancing and also keep your money.

How to not wake your Avoidance Monster

November 10, 2021
Commitments often reveal themselves to be more complex or more demanding than we were initially prepared to take on. And then we avoid doing them. And then we feel like a failure. But you can’t half-commit, right? That defeats the whole purpose of a commitment. Or… does it?

Get to know your ego… and love it

November 10, 2021
We all have an ego. It does a lot of great stuff for us. But we shouldn’t always trust that our ego has our best interests at heart. At times it can be an unreliable narrator, creating drama, judgment and suffering. Still, it’s worth working on the relationship.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 1221

November 10, 2021
The more success you find, the more modest you should appear … When a meeting ends, you may be tempted to rush back to your desk … Don’t be afraid to hire the “overqualified” applicant

Walk the line between assertive and aggressive

November 3, 2021
Many of us would like to be more assertive, and not just at work. Joaquín Selva gives concrete advice in an article for Positive Psychology.