Tame your disorganized, over-collaborated Word documents

September 7, 2022
When too many collaborators create a disorganized report, get it back under control using styles.

The difficulties of group writing

April 6, 2022
The challenge when people get together on a document is to maintain one voice so that the reader isn’t thrown by changes in tense, point of view, phrasing, word choice, structure and so on. Sometimes it’s even difficult to keep on the same point. Group writing is hard, and the more people involved, the more difficult. Here are some guidelines.

4 ideas for successful ideation

February 9, 2022
Since ideation is a process that can be applied to a wide range of scenarios, here are a few techniques to try out.

How they do candor at Pixar

February 9, 2022
If you read business stories regularly, it’s hard not to happen upon some rabbit-hole tidbits about Pixar’s Braintrust. This much-discussed creative meeting tool of Pixar leaders is described by founding member Ed Catmull in his book, Creativity, Inc.

Here’s how the Beatles did it… and why we just can’t

January 12, 2022
As we watched “Get Back,” the new documentary series chronicling the famous “Let It Be” recording sessions, we kept watching for little “tells” that indicated the secret to the Beatles’ creative magic.

How to manage projects, not just people

December 23, 2021
Many fine managers are good at interfacing with people and coaching them up, but behind their backs, you’ll hear whispers. In his book Project Management for Non-Project Managers, author Jack Ferraro outlines what a good project plan does.

Seek 5 key traits in a business partner

September 8, 2021
In his book There is No Us in Business, CPA and attorney Patrick Burke gives thorough time to dissecting the considerations surrounding choosing your professional partnerships. Here are a few of Burke’s clear and must-have attributes to look for in anyone you’re looking to pair off with.

Solutions to 3 common project problems

August 13, 2020
Even the best planned projects can run into problems over time, no matter how hard you try to anticipate and prevent them. Be on the lookout for these common issues that can crop up as a project goes on and on.

Tap an outsider for advice

October 1, 2019
You want advice or coaching from an industry expert you’ve never met. But how do you ask a complete stranger to help you?

The problem with ‘dream teams’

June 13, 2019
When it comes to assembling a team, most people look for the best talent. But what actually happens when you have a whole team of stars?