Make the most of new LinkedIn profile

January 16, 2013

LinkedIn updated its user profiles in late 2012, and you’ll want to update yours to make it look great in the new format, says technology columnist Debra Donston-Miller.

√  Update your photo. Photos are larger and more prominent now, so if yours is out of date or of poor quality, change it out for a crisper shot.

√   Take advantage of the new Networking Insights View. This new display helps you see in an instant who you’re connected to and how so you can make the most of your network.

√  Become a daily user. “Daily activity is a more pronounced area, so show­­case your thoughts and in­­ter­­esting links to stories that you are fol­­low­­ing,” says Tony Deblauwe, founder of HR4Change.

√   Turn into a data dork. Take the time to learn from the data LinkedIn provides on endorsements, who is looking at your profile and more.

√   Request recommendations. Rec­­ommendations are displayed more prominently under your relevant work experience, so you want to make sure they’re recent and relevant.

— Adapted from “5 Ways To Improve Your New ­LinkedIn Profile,” Debra Donston-Miller, The BrainYard.