Presentation Skills

Garrison Keillor on the elusive art of storytelling

January 11, 2010

When author and radio host Garrison Keillor was asked how he had mastered both written and oral storytelling—a critical skill for every leader—he said he hadn’t. “You love the attempt,” he explained …

5 lessons from $5 Footlongs

December 11, 2009

You’d think it would have been easy for Miami Subway franchise owner Stuart Frankel to win everyone over to the $5 Footlong, right? Not so fast, my friends. Even though he was raking in the dough, Frankel had to work hard to convince the top brass at Subway that the $5 Footlong was the way to go. Here are five lessons for anyone who is trying to convince senior leadership to take a good idea and run with it.

Q&A mistakes you should avoid

August 1, 2007
You finish your speech and open the floor for questions. Here are three mistakes to avoid, according to executive coach Debra Benton: